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Salford Pathfinder ST-6

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Ideal for:  Row crop application of fertilizer attached to strip-till bars and planters.

Pathfinder ST-6
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The PathFinder and ST-Series commodity metering system add high capacity, multi-product, fertilizer delivery to tillage equipment, strip-till bars, side dress applicators and planters. The universal double ball hitch can be adapted to fit virtually any frame design or custom mounts can be developed on farm to employ the double ball hitch.


The PathFinder features a high clearance axle for post emergence, inter-row application. The axle can be stubbed out to match various row crop spacings.


The PathFinder's double ball hitch provides near universal integration with many planters and implements. Call your dealer or Salford to determine fit.


Using the Ackerman steering principle the PathFinder tracks more accurately behind implements. This steering principle reduces stress on the implement and cart while reducing the horse power required to maneuver.


The PathFinder offers 5 axle spacing options from 120 in. to 160 in. in order to match your row crop needs. 


The ST-Series use highly accurate, simple, venturi metering to funnel product evenly into the separate air lines delivering precisely how much product you need. Meters are designed to stay clean and are simple to change.


ST-Series applicators use hydraulic drive systems. Factory optional ECU's allow for simple straight rate application or ISOBUS compatible variable rate application. 


The ST-Series use highly accurate, simple, venturi metering to funnel product evenly into the separate air lines delivering precisely how much product you need. Meters are designed to stay clean and are simple to change.

Snap-in meter rollers, spring-loaded gates and a full-width removable panel below the air manifold take the hassle out of unloading.  The meter rollers themselves are now an accurate pegged style rollers similar to Salford’s air seeding systems.  The new rollers offer a wider range of application rates and are available with standard and low rate peg sizes.

The new 4-section metering system retains the reliable, low maintenance and user-friendly aspects of the Valmar-designed ST-6 and ST-10 with the added ability to turn up to 4-sections per product on or off based on application maps.  An optional ISOBUS control system allows connectivity to ISOBUS compliant cab consoles*. 

*Options must be requested at order.

Salford Pathfinder ST 6

Both metering systems deliver product to a single funnel that drops in to a common venturi air stream for the highest possible blending accuracy and efficiency.  There is no need to run two sets of air lines to the application knife as all the blending happens right at the metering system.  The air manifold and funnels are only connected to one metering system to maintain scale reading integrity.

The number of air outlets is determined by the funnel/air manifold assembly, which can be easily changed by simply unbolting it from the metering system.  Updating from a 12-outlet to 16-outlet system can be achieved in a matter of minutes.  A 20” fan driven by a 12cc hydraulic motor spins at up to 5900 rpm to provide plenty of air at high rates.  By maintaining a set pressure in the air plenum behind the venturi manifold, a constant, reliable airflow can be achieved regardless of the number of outlets.

Heavy Duty Cart

The 5-link mechanical steering uses the Ackerman steering principal by which the inner wheel turns more sharply than the outer wheel.  This combined with a long hitch allows the cart to mimic the travel of the leading implement with a higher degree of precision. The high clearance axle allows the cart to follow application toolbars in standing crop without causing damage to the rows.  Large diameter tires allow for row-crop tracking while minimizing compaction.

A tow hitch can be added for towing anhydrous ammonia tanks as well.

technical specs.


Wheel Hub: 10 Bolt

Standard Tire: 380 / 90 R46 173D
Optional Row Crop Tire: 800 / 65 R32
Optional Floatation Tire: 800 / 65 R32
Compatible Fertilizer System: ST-6
Chassis: 6 ton rated base cart
Axle Spacing Options:
- 120 inches (20 inch, 30 inch rows)
- 132 inches (22 inch rows)
- 144 inches (36 inch rows)
- 152 inches (38 inch rows)
- 160 inches (40 inch rows)

Steering: Standard: Patented implement guided mechanical steering - 5-point mechanical tie-rod links


Hopper Capacity: 180 cu ft 6 Tons

Tank Configuration: One compartment


- Plastic peg meters rollers with brush for self cleaning

- Manual hopper bottom shut-off slide gates
- PWM Valve
- Meter encoder, Fan speed sensor, Bin level sensor

- Low rate rollers available


- Requires 30-42 gpm @ 2800 psi (single fan or dual fan)

- Case drain required

- Hoses to tractor not included


- Tow hitch for anhydrous ammonia carts

- Adaptor hitch for pickups