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Salford BBI MagnaSpread 2

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BBI MagnaSpread 2 - Hydraulic Pull-type / Truck-mount

Two independently controlled hoppers. Get the most from variable rate technology spreading with MagnaSpread 2. Equipped with Salford BBI’s Binary Manifold, making connections to your precision agriculture electronics a snap.

The twin-hopper MagnaSpread 2 features Salford BBI’s patented multi-hopper design—the hoppers operate independently, with variable-rate control. You can achieve complex, targeted nutrient distribution to match the needs of each area of your fields—get two or more nutrients done in fewer loads and fewer passes, while your plants still get exactly the food they need to thrive.

Farmers asked for a twin-hopper spreader, and Salford BBI delivered with MagnaSpread 2, a field general built for producer-level acreage. In a single pass, MagnaSpread 2 delivers multiple nutrient applications that normally require multiple laps around the field for a single-hopper spreader.

The results—farmers using MagnaSpread area saving two to four days of application time per 1,000 acres fertilized, and hundreds of gallons of fuel saved per season. MagnaSpread 2 is a smart investment with big returns for today’s most sophisticated operations.

More time for other tasks and more money in your pocket means taking your operation to next-level success with MagnaSpread 2.
Salford BBI MagnaSpread 2


Salford's BBI MagnaSpread2 and MagnaSpread3 ideally suiting for applying cover crop seed and fertilizer in one pass.  The individual hoppers allow the seed to be stored separately from the fertilizer and they can be metered into one blend in the field.  The MagnaSpread2 and MagnaSpread3 are able to accurately apply lower rates of cover crop seed by mixing the cover crop with fertilizer into a high rate blend and applying them in the same pass.  In areas with a warm fall with suitable moisture a fall applied cover crop will establish itself quickly and begin to fix the applied fertilizer almost immediately.  For best seeding results a light tillage pass with equipment such as the Salford I-Series will help to establish the cover crop and promote rapid germination by improving seed to soil contact.

BBI MagnaSpread 2
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  • Fertilizer and lime

  • Large-acreage operations

  • Twin-hopper design

  • Spreads lime at up to 2 tons per acre at 14 mph with a 60’ swath

  • Achieves 80’ swaths with some fertilizers

  • Completes multiple applications in a single pass


  • Hydraulic drive

  • Salford BBI Binary Manifold (ISOBUS-ready platform)

  • Walking beam suspension handles almost any terrain

technical specs.
Salford BBI MagnaSpread 2