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Salford INDEPENDENT 1100

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1 1/4" Coil-Tech Coulter I Blade Mount

Celebrating a decade of improving soil productivity with true vertical tillage, the patented I-1100 uses the Coil-Tech Coulter I to carry independently mounted blades that have up to six inches vertical travel and are able to move around obstacles. Unlike disc gangs that have difficulty following ground contours or are forced to leave the ground when one blade contacts an obstacle, the I-1100 independently mounted coulters follow changes in terrain and each coulter faces obstructions on its own. The Independent Series has industry-leading speed, obstacle protection, and range of operating conditions, with little to no soil moisture and residue limitations. The Coil-Tech Coulter I system thrives on the high operating speeds of the I-1100. Positive coulter vibration works the ground like a jackhammer, fracturing the soil around and below the operating depth of these unique machines. Independent Series tools manage residue and soil density to improve soil moisture storage capacity, build soil organic matter, and hold onto valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Independent 1100
Sale Type
standard features

High Speed and Highly Durable

  • Excellent obstacle protection
    HALO AerWay’s front gang of Shattertines is protected by a C-Flex hanger.
    The second row of individually mounted blades have rubber torsion suspension that are capable of up to 7.5 inches of vertical deflection for obstacle protection in rough and rocky conditions.
    Each blade faces rocks and obstacles on their own which lessens the load put on the HALO AerWay frame.

Superior Leveling

  • HALO uses hydraulic wing down pressure with an accumulator to ensure level operation at high speeds.

  • HALO’s 13 wave blades help level the pockets left by the Shattertines and condition residue.

Easy to Operate

  • The HALO AerWay is simple to set! Single point depth control, hydraulic fore/aft leveling and a single point control for setting pressure on the finishing tool.

  • The operator convenience station keeps implement connections protected, organized and at the operator’s finger tips. The color coded hose grips take out the guess work when connecting Salford implements to the tractor.

  • The HALO’s narrow forward fold design makes the machine safe and easy to transport.

Low Maintenance Design

  • The heavy duty trunnion bearings on the Shattertine gang are maintenance free.

  • Durable, sealed blade hubs make for much less maintenance on the HALO. The blades hubs can be rebuilt to save cost on seasonal maintenance.

  • The HALO has three easily accessible grease points, the main frame hinges, axles and roller frames.

Standard Features

  • HP Requirements of 10-14 HP/FT depending on working depth

  • Working depth: up to 8 in. on tines, 4 in. on blades

  • Operating Speed of 8.5 mph up to 12 mph

  • Front row 8” AerWay Shattertine on manually adjustable angle - 2.5°, 5° and 7.5°

  • Rear row 13 wave straight blades on manually adjustable angle - 0°, -1.5° and -3°

  • Net 5” spacing; 10” spacing per row; 10” spacing center to center on tines, 10” spacing on blades (offset)

  • C-Flex suspension on AerWay gangs, 4pc rubber torsion suspension on coulter mounts

  • Sealed maintenance free Trunnion bearing on AerWay gangs; Multi-lip sealed, maintenance free re-buildable hubs on coulters

  • Single point depth control

  • Single point finishing tool pressure

  • Hydraulic fore/aft leveling with accumulator protection on tilt

  • Hydraulic wing down pressure

  • Factory setup included; minimal finishing tool assembly. Must pin on finishing tools; hydraulics are pre-plumbed


  • 600/50R22.5

Finishing Options

  • Standard double 14” rollers on level link

optional equipment
  • Hydraulic lines and quick coupler to tow hitch

  • Axle pivot grease bank

  • Roller dirt shield



Finishing Package

  • STANDARD: Manually Adjustable HD Tines and Rolling Baskets

  • OPTIONAL: FlexFinish Hydraulically Adjustable Tines and Rolling Baskets

Finishing Package Consist of:

Heavy Duty 14” Rolling Harrow

  • Adjustable down pressure

  • Triple seal 1.5” bearing resists rock damage, even at high speed

  • Rubber torsion suspension on rolling baskets

Heavy Duty 3 bar 1/2” tines

  • 1/2” dia. tine, strength for exceptional leveling

  • 3 ranks with 20” clearance

  • No tool pitch adjustment

technical specs.
Configuration Specifications
Model Size 20' (6.096 m) 25' (7.62 m) 30' (9.144 m) 35' (10.668 m) 40' (12.192 m)
Approximate Weight (lbs) 18,580 lb 20,780 lbs 24,930 lbs    
Driving Interval 20 ft. 2 in. 25 ft. 3 in. 30 ft. 3 in.    
Rows of Shattertines 24 30 36    
13 Wave coulters 25 31 37    
Transport Height 12 ft. 7 in. 12 ft. 9 in. 13 ft. 11 in.    
Frame Sections 2 2 3 3 3
Mainframe structure 6 in. x 6 in. tubular steel 6 in. x 6 in. tubular steel
Hitch Structure 6 in. x 8 in. tubular steel 6 in. x 10 in. tubular steel
Tires, Mainframe 600/50-22.5, 10 bolt hub 600/50-22.5, 10 bolt hub
Tires, Wings N/A 600/50-22.5, 10 bolt hub
Drawbar Hitch CAT 4 CAT 5
Hitch 8,000 lbs manual jack Hydraulic jack with manual ball value
Hydraulic Remote Valves Required 4 5 (includes hydraulic jack)